Who Moved My Crowbar? - Extremely Useful Clues

There are 4 important things you need to know about The Stellethee Group.

  1. It's pronounced The Stealthy Group, as in being Stealthy.
  2. It's intended to be all of the following: silly, serious, and semi-sensational.
  3. It's mostly about the merch. This is a joke the second half of the film Spaceballs and it just works well here. (Merchandise jokes are funny when you're broke... funny to the seller.)
  4. The only acknowledged division of The Stellethee Group is the Genes and Tease Organization, which has the general dress code of jeans and tee shirts, climate-permitting.
    In the event that you come across another Stellethee Group organization, maybe something along the lines of Shorts and Vees, it's most likely a fanfic alternate reality game.

Welcome to a Stellethee Security & Logistics Group "Support" Site

(The name of this site is one-half a Half-Life beta joke and one-half that one day I thought someone moved my crowbar and it merely fell into someone else's toolbox accidentally. Damn inventory bug. In the first Half-Life computer game, originally published by Sierra Online, you had to use a crowbar to make it through the first escape in the game.)

(Consider this Support Site an important step in your success.)

Compensation Disclaimer: We might make money if you buy stuff we recommend here. Also, our ad providers may be using cookies.

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